Friday, 12 November 2010

Mar adentro / Sea within


I drink

the amber wine

of oblivion

- its acid erasing

the fingerprints

you left on my body,

its sweetness


my lewd brain.


the cry of the peacock

fades away,

no longer arousing

the tide of my blood

on moonless nights.

As the caravels

leave the port,

so do my memories


one by one

towards better futures

or a spring of scurvy

& curses.

Forever exploring

the seas where dragons lie

- what better way to wake them

than to rattle

the crooked relics

of all my losses?

Forever treading

the jungles where tigers lurk

- what better lullaby for them

than the songs I'll hum

to my unborn children?

I let the conches

I walk on

tear at my flesh

- they are much gentler

than the miles between us.

By air, sea or land

we are so apart,

so distant,

that they'll have to

give new names

to our oceans & straits.

I circumnavigate

with hope

- once started

my journey

will end

on your shores -

my sails torn

my masts broken

my crew all dead

my deck a-creaking.

Only my lonely toll

will call

out to you

over & over again.


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